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Avozar prints standard areas of 36×36 and up to 42×90″ for manual custom large format Screen Printing. We offer printing on metal, wood, plastic, burlap, glass, and other materials, give us a call, lets talk about your project.

01 Plastisol

Plastisol is one the oldest and most commonly used ink in the Custom Screen Printing Industry. Plastisol ink formulas and properties are flexible for creativity and coming up with new trends and print effects.

Tags: Plastic, Plast, Ink Border, Over Surface, Thick, Thin, Bright, Heavy Duty, Dull or Shiny.

02 Water Base

The ink penetrates in to the fibers of the garment achieving a soft hand touch due to its properties. Water base inks are premium specialty inks and desirable by high end fashion lines, it  achieves a high quality look. Eco-friendly, water soluble and seamless. Water base inks are perfect for earthy organic print looks in the Fashion Industry.

Tags: Water, Seamless, No ink bump border, In to the surface, Thin, Bright, Heavy Duty, Dull.

03 Process CMYK

Semitransparent ink pigments over a Water Base, the system is based on the CMYK printing method, it mixes the desirable color as its being printed by overlapping the 4 colors that make it all, Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black. It achieves an organic feel that can look machine or man made.

Tags: Water, Dots, No ink bump border, In to the surface, Thin, Bright, Heavy Duty, Dull, Lots of colors using only 4 plates, Realistic look prints.

04 Simulation Process

This process is achieved by using 01 Plastisol Ink, simulating the CMYK application process to print a Super Realistic graphic using Halftones, but color are knocked out from each other in a very precise way. This process is used mainly in dark garments since CMYK can not be imprinted in dark backgrounds.

Tags: Plastisol, Dots, Bump border, Over the surface, Thick, Very Bright, Heavy Duty, Dull, Gloss, Lots of colors using only more than 8 plates, Super Realistic look prints, Expensive color separation.

05 Discharge 

Discharge, designed to remove the dye color on the fabric while printing a color where dye shape was removed. Discharge is water based product that is activated by adding an additive to the ink in order to remove the dye from the fabric. Discharge works on 100% cotton. Excellent for dark colored grounds.

Tags: Water, Seamless, No ink bump border, In to the surface, Thin, Bright, Heavy Duty, Dull.

06 Clear Gel

Plastisol based Ink, the Clear Gel gives a glossy reflective and wet surface print look . Clear gel is usually used for watermarks
and other effects, it also feels sticky in a good way.

Tags: Oil, Bump border, On the surface, Thin, Bright, Heavy Duty, Super Glossy, Wet, Sticky.

07 High Density (HD)

Raise in the curing process and creates a three dimensional sharp look surface. Inks can be raised to your desired height and width. HD inks can be combined  with other high density inks of different sizes. Any PMS color can be created using this ink.

Tags: Oil, Bump high border, Over the surface, Sharp, Bright, Heavy Duty, Dull, Opaque.

08 Flex Lycra 

Stretchable Ink

Ink prints that stretch with the fabric and do not create cracks or creases when stretched. Used on Performance Apparel such as sports jerseys, leggings, athletic uniforms, and activewear. Flex is purposely used in fabrics such as nylons, spandex, polyesters, rayons, lycra, that have a stretchable surfaces.

Tags: Oil, Bump high border, Over the surface, Stetch, Bright, Heavy Duty, Dull, Opaque, Movement, Expands.

09 Nylon Ink

Plastisol based ink, used in apparel with a large percentage of Nylon material, designed for products that are very heat sensitive such as nylon jackets and wind breakers, Nylon Ink can be formulated to cure in different time lengths to adjust to the product heat resistance and still cure.

Tags: Oil, Bump low border, Over the surface, Thin, Bright, Dull, Opaque, Quick dry.

10 Puff

Puff is a plastisol based ink that raises it adds density and a particular texture to your print while is curing. It looks like the High Density ink but with a round surface.

Tags: Oil, Bump high round border, Over the surface, Thick, Bright, Dull, Opaque, Round corners.

11 Metallic Solid

Plastisol based ink that looks like melted solid metal over the surface, it has a flat looking texture. Ink is also flexible to formulate when need it to be used to print along with other application types that have different purposes when printing on different types of fabrications.

Tags: Oil, Bump high border, Over the surface, Thick, Bright, Dull, Opaque, Melted metal, Aluminum looking.

12 Metallic Shimmer

Plastisol based ink, it consist on mixing a flat or color metallic base with very small metallic flakes, we can combine base colors and flake colors to create cool locking multi color surface with a metallic lock.

Tags: Oil, Bump high border, Over the surface, Thick, Bright, Dull, Opaque, Metallic small flakes, shiny.

Other inks available

3M Refective, Eco-Friendly, Burn Out, Crack, Glow in the Dark, Foils, Scratch and Smell, Epoxy and more.