Leveraging Industry Expertise

Hand Printing


We handle the details, you focus on your goals.

Merchandise that comes individually prepacked or sealed, may require special handling fees. Prices will be determined by the amount of labor involved in order to prepare the goods for Screen Printing retail ready finishing. 
Organize for Optimal Screen-Printing Production, keep in mind the pre-production samples, imaging exposure time Etc. Special pricing for Merchandise Developers and Fashion Designers with commitment.
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Giving shape to your story

Depicting and conceptualizing ideas effectively

Artwork Concept & Design

Specializing in Hand Drawn and Digital Illustration.

Leading and creating trends in the Design Industry, Avozar Custom Hand Drawn Illustrations. matching any style in any medium, catering Custom graphics for the fashion industry in Los Angeles and New York., our work goes beyond Apparel Graphics.
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Artwork Technical 

Formatting Artwork for Screen Printing production.

Rasterization and Vectorization services, File formats used in Screen Printing, quick tips, color settings. Information about Photoshop and Illustrator.
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Color Separations

Quality Artwork properly processed

We can provide with precise color separations by providing absolute attention to minor details and eliminating over ink deposits and hours of setups in the shop.
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The highest industry standards

The rarest materials and surfaces


No hiden charges

No flat fees to cover recharges. We keep your designs in our library for 2 years from the last time your project was printed.
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